AAA Flapjack 5K/10K

The Flapjack 5K/10K is an annual road race sponsored by the AAA Pregnancy Resource Center. The 2023 race will take place in E.N. Hines Park on Saturday June 10th. Flapjack Fundamentals is a 13 week training class that prepares runners to run the Flapjack 5K. It is geared toward new runners and people who may be returning to running after some time off. The class is provided online through this website. Weekly training plans will be posted here beginning beginning March 13th.

Why is it called “Flapjack?”

We call it the “Flapjack 5K/10K” because after you cross the finish line you will enjoy the famous “flying flapjacks” from Chris Cakes of Michigan, among other delicious refreshments!